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CKC PRESERVATION breeder of quality English type GOLDEN RETRIEVERS. Puppies occasionally available.

Proudly featuring some of the Best Domestic and Imported lines of the English type Golden retriever.

At Backroad Farm we strive to produce the best possible companion for your family. Good natured dogs that are willing to please, correctly structured and sound. Twenty five years of breeding, training and showing horses have taught me the value of sound conformation, even temperament and superior work ethic. These traits are just as important to me in my working dogs. Without proper structure, you can not have proper function…and an unsound temperament is problematic at best.


The History of an 1815 Homestead

The History of an historic 1815 Prince Edward Island Homestead.

Built in 1815, this heritage property was the original Wood family farmstead. I discovered this abandoned acreage in 1986.  The land  had sadly  fallen fallow and the buildings were in total disrepair. The estate was resurrected and renamed BACKROAD for the highway bordering the property. In 1815, The Old Georgetown Road was the main thru fair, and the Trans Canada Hwy was then the BACKROAD to Charlottetown.

The Evolution of Backroad Farm….IN the begin

 The farm was abandoned and derelict for years, and the neglect had left the house in a sorry state. The structure was caving into its sandstone basement, the chimney was partially collapsed, windows and doors were smashed out.  There was no plumbing, no heating system, no well, no electricity, and a questionable septic system. My family thought I was crazy to want to purchase this fixer upper. I stood firm in my resolve for I had a vision and I knew this was the property of my dreams.

A hearty Maritime Welcome awaits. Atlantic Canadas’ home to the BACKROAD RETRIEVERS.

It took many years of hard work to get the house and pastures back into a reasonable state…and then many more for the trees to mature…but I do believe my hard work was well spent. I saved any mature trees on the property, hired arborists to rejuvenate the heritage apple orchard, planted diversified windbreaks between the pastures for wildlife habitat, re-fenced the pastures, reworked the land, and rebuilt the house. I added a natural pond with waterfall and fire-pit, and acres of perennial flower beds to complete my vision.

The Evolution of the Backroad Kennel

In 2011 we started focusing on the dogs.  We built our first kennel run; a safe and secure outdoor “doggie area” and added our fenced yard in 2012. We needed a safe area for the dogs to run and play and a secure spot for training.

Completing the outdoor dog kennel. Six individual heated runs to keep the dogs safe.

In 2018, we expanded again and added 4 indoor/outdoor heated kennels and 7 luxury suits inside the house.  .

Indoor kennel.


We also completed the girls private whelping area, a safe and secure spot for new mommas, that included a private outdoor run.

Miia with her puppies


In 2021, amidst Covid, we enclosed the front yard.  Now we could have the dogs with us during bonfires, or as we relax on the front deck.

Maritime golden retriever breeder…only in Atlantic Canada

We continue to strive to provide the best possible  environment for our dogs to thrive. Their health and happiness is always foremost on our minds.  Future endeavors include winterizing and covering the outdoor runs, and completing our bath and grooming area.

At Backroad farm, it really is

All About the Dogs.